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Why We Don’t Do One-Time WordPress & Plugin Updates

Sep 21, 2020Services

From time to time, we will receive inquiries from businesses asking if we do one-time WordPress and plugin updates.

The answer is – we don’t. Why?

Please allow us to share our reasons in this post and in the process, we also hope that this will help to shed some light on the importance of ongoing website maintenance for your WordPress websites.  


Truth Is, One-Time/Ad Hoc Updates Won’t Make Your Website Any Safer

As you are aware, and plugin developers release new software versions regularly to enhance functionalities, fix bugs and/or improve security.

The more plugins your website has installed, the higher the chances that it will require updating almost every week.

In essence, it means that even if you engage someone’s help to update WordPress and all of your plugins to the latest versions today, chances are they will become outdated again in a few weeks time, making your website unsafe – again.

The best way to safeguard your website is to make sure that your WordPress and plugins are updated regularly.

At WebBuddy, we check on our clients’ websites manually everyday and perform updates weekly so you can be assured that your website stays secured and runs smoothly day and in out without the worry of plugin conflicting errors that catch you by surprise.

There is no shortcut, but this diligence today will potentially save you from huge headaches down the road.


It Is Hard to Fix Errors If Your Website Is Not Under Our Care…

During the early days when we started WebBuddy, we did provide one-time maintenance service in fact.

However after successfully completing the one-time updating service, we’ve had clients coming back to us for help several weeks later because new errors had emerged on their websites.

This is the drawback of one-time service, unfortunately…

When the website falls outside of our care, we have no idea and control over what’s being done to the website.

During this period, new plugins might have been installed. Several changes might have been made by different people. The sequence of the entire chain of events is unknown to us.

As a result, we are in a difficult position as identifying the exact cause of the error becomes tricky. For the client, it is not cost effective as well because error fixing incurs additional costs for you, depending on how complex your website error is.

As opposed to one-time service, regular maintenance is way more resource- and cost- efficient, and it allows you to have greater peace of mind. Why is that so?

When your website is under our constant care, we are able to address issues promptly and fix them within a much shorter turnaround time since we have full knowledge of what has been changed on your website recently. You also do not have to incur any additional costs in such cases since errors that surface during the maintenance period would be covered under our maintenance plan.

In addition, we perform full backups for your websites every day, so should there be errors that require your website to be restored, you can have the assurance that we have the latest backup files for your website.

why webbuddy don't do one time updates


A Loophole? Maybe.

At WebBuddy, our clients have the option to pay for our maintenance service on a monthly basis. This is the part that gets interesting, because clients who choose to terminate our service after just one month of usage is almost like engaging a ‘one-time service’.

While this is ok with us – because we want our clients to have the flexibility they need without having to be tied to any long term contract – do bear in mind that if there are any new errors on your website after our maintenance service is terminated, additional charges will apply for the fixing of errors before you can sign up for our maintenance plan again.

We hope this clarifies why we don’t do one-time WordPress & plugin updates and we thank you for reading!


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