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Your WebBuddy Trainer, KC Tan

ACLP (Advanced Certificate in Learning & Performance) & Google Analytics Certified

Why WebBuddy?

Because we understand what truly matters for our clients – real results. And here’s how we do it!

1. Learner-Centric Approach

Current Gap: Conventional training providers deliver their training over one or two full-day courses but this type of learning design is not learner-friendly. They often feel overwhelmed and are unable to remember or effectively execute what they have learnt when the training is over.

Our Approach: WebBuddy adopts a learner-centric approach which focuses on learner success and providing learners with a positive learning experience. Our training programs are thoughtfully developed and delivered via bite-sized modules to ensure maximum learning effectiveness for your team!

Positive Outcome: Bite-sized training enables your team to learn better and allows them adequate time for practice. It also results in lesser disruption to daily work and happier trainees! 🙂

2. Customized Targeted Training

Current Gap: Every website (theme and plugins used) is different. Generic training courses in the market do not adequately equip your team with the specific skills they need to manage your company website with ease.

Our Approach: Unlike general training courses, our training is fully customized based on your existing company website. Your team will learn and have hands-on practice with your company website itself during the training!

Positive Outcome: Your team gains valuable knowledge about your company website as well as hands-on experience that gives them the confidence they need to manage your company website independently after the training! 🙂

3. One Year Support!

Current Gap: Trainees have no one to turn to for help after the training is over as most courses do not provide effective post-training support. Their learning progress becomes stagnant and your training investment is not maximized.

Our Approach: WebBuddy believes that learning continues even after training! You can have the assurance that we’ll still continue to guide your team along for ONE full year after the training ends. Most clients find that this is one of the most priceless features of our program!

Positive Outcome: As your team encounters new scenarios and questions along the way, they can count on WebBuddy’s guidance to help them gain more clarity and competency within the next 12 months! 🙂

What Topics Will Your Team Learn During Our Website Management Training?

Apart from the below listed topics, our training program can be tailored to include additional topics as needed.

Domain & Hosting

Your team will learn how domain and hosting work together and how to log in to Cpanel to perform basic tasks.

Website Editing

Your team will learn to edit any part of your company website such as header, footer, menu, and replace text and images anytime.

Add New Features

Your team will learn how to add new functions to your company website via plugins, such as online chat, popups etc.

Backup & Recovery

Your team will learn how to automate daily backup for your company website and restore it in the event of downtime.

Update Plugins Safely

Your team will learn when they can safely update plugins and how to do it properly to avoid website malfunction.

Fix Common Website Issues

Your team will learn how to fix common website issues like login errors, 500 internal errors, etc.

Strengthen Security

Your team will learn how to strengthen your company website’s security to prevent hacking and injection of malware.

Website SEO

Your team will learn how to optimize your company website for Google search engine and follow SEO best practices.

And More!

You are welcome to get in touch with us for a discussion if there are other topics that you’d like us to cover!

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