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Looking for a reliable trainer to empower your team to manage your business website?

If yes, scroll down the page to find out how we can help and why us!

KC Tan, Your WebBuddy Trainer

ACLP (Advanced Certificate in Learning & Performance) & Google Analytics Certified.

After the training, your team will be able to:

The following are just some examples, we can provide the training to cover specific topics too.

Domain & Hosting

Understand how domain and hosting work together. And be able to log in to Cpanel for basic tasks.

Website Editing

Able to edit any part of your website such as header, footer, menu, and replace texts and images anytime.

Add New Features

Able to add new functions to the website via plugins. Examples of new features are online chat, popups etc.

Backup & Recovery

Able to automate website backup every day. In addition, able to restore the website if things happen.

Update Plugins Safely

Able to update plugins safely to avoid website malfunction. Your team will also learn when to update the plugins.

Fix Common Website Issues

Your team will learn how to fix the most common websites issues like login errors, 500 internal errors etc.

Strengthen Security

Your team will learn how to strengthen website security to prevent hacking and injection of malware.

Website SEO

Your team will learn how to optimize your website for the Google search engine and follow the SEO best practices.

And More!

There are more topics we can cover and feel free to contact us for a discussion if you are keen to get us to train your team!

Why WebBuddy?

The following are the three main reasons why businesses choose us as their training provider!

1. Customized Training

The training will be conducted based on your business website. Unlike other website designing courses trainees only learn to create a generic website.

Your team will learn and practice how to edit your business website during the training itself!

2. One Year Support!

Most training providers only provide up to one month post-training support but for WebBuddy, we will still be guiding you along 12 months after the training!

Your team can email us any questions and we will guide them anything regarding the website!

Most people find this is one of the most priceless features of our training!

3. Bite-sized Training

Unlike most training out there overwhelm the trainees with one to two full-day courses, we develop and deliver bite-sized modules to help your team learn better and have adequate time to practice.

This arrangement also results in less disruption in work and happier trainees!

Let us empower your team with all your website needs!

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