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I got to know WebBuddy via my internet search on Google. Upon a closer examination of their website, I realize they address the many business needs of mine, which prompted me to make an appointment with them at once. The first meeting went on well with both Rachael and KC. They answered my concerns professionally and from their answers you could see that they are knowledgeable and eager in helping their clients out. I signed up with them immediately that day. Throughout our working relationship for the past few months, Rachael and KC have been very prompt in helping us out. In some cases, they even take their own initiative to suggest things for us. Seriously, they are what their company name suggest – the “web buddy” for small business owners like me. I won’t know where we are now if not for them. Thanks KC, Rachael, you really added “wings” to my business 🙂

Royston Teo


In the past, we had bad experiences with web companies; however, we are fortunate to have found WebBuddy. True enough, over time KC and Rachael have proven themselves to be an excellent, trustworthy and honest team which we can always rely on. That goes to prove that our gut feeling starting from our first meeting was never wrong as they continued to support us with not just 5 stars but 6 stars services for the past 6 months and have been consistent ever since. During the circuit breaker, when we needed to update our website several times to keep our clients notified, KC & Rachael are always very prompt in their response. They also helped us improved our site to prevent spammings as well as installed a live-chat function so that our website can be more engaging with the visitors to our website. When we had some problem with our Facebook pixel installation, KC has gone beyond his duties to find out for us on how to do the installation even though it is not under their care. Their service is always prompt, sincere and dedicated. It is as if you have an internal IT support team in your company. We would highly recommend KC and Rachael to help you solve your problem and no others. They are warm, caring, immaculate who always go beyond their duties. They never failed to impress us, and each time we asked them for help, they will never just end with a full stop. Theirs follow up is impressive as we always receive warm emails from him, asking us how it is going until they are assured that we are on the right track. We have never experienced such excellent and warm services from a website maintenance company as others are always cold, slow and impersonal. However, with KC and his team, we always feel assured that they will always be there for you like your partner, in comparison to others who are cold and mercenary who operates just like a robot. WebBuddy is definitely the right choice for you!

Kavin Loi

Director, The Body Clinic


Being an ecommerce business, a reliable, secured and working website is the foundation for our business. We were looking for a partner to help us maintain our newly built website last year and we can only count our blessings that we found WebBuddy by chance. We do not know them at all so we just wrote in an enquiry and had a first meeting with Rachael and KC. What we appreciate about WebBuddy is they don’t over promise. KC and Rachael actually did not take on our job initially which I really appreciate the honesty. After some in depth discussion, they took up this job and we must say they are one of the reasons why we can focus on growing our business. Our website is running 24/7 and they are very prompt whenever we need to make any changes on the content. As we are IT noobs, we are quite dependent on whatever advice they offer but we can boldly say we trust them 100 percent in their advice because, they take pride in what they do. This is very important to us. Keep it up WebBuddy. Let’s grow together.

Julia Lee

Co-Founder, Okimochi Box


Our website was alive since 2013 and we have been struggling to maintain the website ourselves. Since 6 months ago, we have been working with WebBuddy and it is such a big relief for us. KC and Rachael are really helpful and they deliver more than what they promised. KC has been a big support for us. His response is almost immediate. Whenever I have crisis and panic because customers cannot place order, I would immediately contact KC. I still remember on one Saturday when I was at an eye clinic and a customer was unhappy as she could not use the coupon, KC saved me from huge embarrassment. He really goes beyond my expectation. I am very happy working with both of them. My big thanks to KC. Now I can focus to do other things, knowing that I have WebBuddy whom I can trust and rely on to solve the problems with the website. I really highly recommend WebBuddy!!!



We are a dynamic and fast-growing charity, and were recommended to WebBuddy’s services by the developer of our new website. KC and Rachael are professional and honest, and straightaway recommended the most economical plan for our organisation as we only needed technical assistance whenever we encountered difficulties when doing our own content management. We started with the monthly plan as a trial and were very happy to switch to the annual plan after working with them for 3 months. KC and Rachael are approachable and reliable – they came down for an initial face-to-face meeting to understand our needs and requirements, and are always very quick to respond to our technical questions with clear steps and solutions. This is a great help to us – we can now focus on content management without having to worry about things not showing up the way we want it. If you want help maintaining your website, and deal with local, trustworthy professionals, I would definitely recommend WebBuddy!

Ailynn Teh

Program Manager, Brahm Centre Ltd


We had created our websites for some years already. Before I met WebBuddy, we had hired a few website maintenance companies, but they all always give me a lot of nightmare and problem. Finally I met WebBuddy. They really help me settle all the headache and maintain my websites to run well and smooth. Rachael & KC are really helpful and respond super fast. They are very friendly and patient. I can trust their service. I really highly recommend WebBuddy.

Wincy Tang

Principal Designer, Rhiss Interior Pte Ltd

I got to know WebBuddy through my internet search for a company to improve my existing website which I maintain myself. Rachael has been very helpful in correcting errors on our website. She has fixed many errors that I could not. I liked how Rachael contributed new and practical ideas to improve the current website, like having call-to-action buttons of each page and suggesting a better layout of the pages. She has managed to do this all within the limitations of the current WordPress theme. After each task of work given, Rachael completed the job within the next working day. I’m impressed with their efficiency and commitment to work. I would definitely recommend WebBuddy to anyone looking to setup a new as well as maintaining existing websites.

Fred Nonis


I have been using WebBuddy for the maintenance of my website. They have been responsive, adaptable, and professional in their work. I will get a report every month from them about my site, which is useful to me. When there are issues, they will know about it, and inform me. I would recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their website maintenance.

Tan Ru-Ding

With WebBuddy’s support system, we are totally at ease when it comes to helping us to maintain our website security and always ensuring that our website is constantly live and accessible. While they monitor the traffic to our website, they also email us frequently, recommending the most appropriate solutions to enhance our customers coming in and staying longer! Our sincere thanks to KC and Rachael for making our website so effective. Simply amazing! Anyone who has problems in developing or maintaining your website, please don’t hesitate to contact KC Tan of WebBuddy. Strongly recommended and highly reliable!

Master Rayden Sim

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