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I got to know WebBuddy via my internet search on Google. Upon a closer examination of their website, I realize they address the many business needs of mine, which prompted me to make an appointment with them at once. The first meeting went on well with both Rachael and KC. They answered my concerns professionally and from their answers you could see that they are knowledgeable and eager in helping their clients out. I signed up with them immediately that day. Throughout our working relationship for the past few months, Rachael and KC have been very prompt in helping us out. In some cases, they even take their own initiative to suggest things for us. Seriously, they are what their company name suggest – the “web buddy” for small business owners like me. I won’t know where we are now if not for them. Thanks KC, Rachael, you really added “wings” to my business. 🙂

Royston Teo

Director, MKP Bikes Pte Ltd

“JLC Event Hub has been proud to work in partnership with KC Tan of WebBuddy. He has worked with me step by step to provide a robust security system for my website to safeguard against hacking and spamming. As my WebBuddy, he is constantly providing guidance and recommendation on my webpage to help enhance traffic and security. I can safely leave all my updates on my webpage to KC and he did a fantastic job implementing the changes within the next 24 hours. KC is a great guy to work with. I have known him for past four years and one thing remains with him – his professionalism, his honesty and his sincerity to do the best for whoever he is working with. Thank you KC.”


Managing Director, JLC Event Hub Pte Ltd


“Rachael, your work through WebBuddy’s the past few months has been nothing less than remarkable! You are prompt and diligent. You over-deliver and the extra effort is appreciated. The value provided surpassed previous website maintenance service providers. They didn’t give me the peace of mind for me to go about my main tasks of running a business. I wish I had approached KC sooner! In fact, once we launch the much-anticipated website for introverts network on August 9th, I have already decided to go to you again…and my team knows that.”

Mervin Yeo

Networking Evangelist, Speaker, Author, Introvert Leader – MervinYeo.com


“I got to know WebBuddy through my internet search for a company to improve my existing website which I maintain myself. Rachael has been very helpful in correcting errors on our website. She has fixed many errors that I could not. I liked how Rachael contributed new and practical ideas to improve the current website, like having call-to-action buttons of each page and suggesting a better layout of the pages. She has managed to do this all within the limitations of the current WordPress theme. After each task of work given, Rachael completed the job within the next working day. I’m impressed with their efficiency and commitment to work. I would definitely recommend WebBuddy to anyone looking to setup a new as well as maintaining existing websites.”

Fred Nonis

Marketing Manager, LoveKids Speech & Drama Pte Ltd


“With WebBuddy’s support system, we are totally at ease when it comes to helping us to maintain our website security and always ensuring that our website is constantly live and accessible. While they monitor the traffic to our website, they also email us frequently, recommending the most appropriate solutions to enhance our customers coming in and staying longer! Our sincere thanks to KC and Rachael for making our website so effective. Simply amazing! Anyone who has problems in developing or maintaining your website, please don’t hesitate to contact KC Tan of WebBuddy. Strongly recommended and highly reliable!”

Master Rayden Sim

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"Excellent response & quick actions to my website changes. I have no regrets choosing WebBuddy as my website maintenance partner."

Tan Ru-Jin

Director, FlexMech Engineering Pte Ltd

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WebBuddy is all about supporting small business owners to remove the ongoing frustrations that you face in website maintenance matters. We put our hearts into taking care of your company websites so that you can make time for the more important things. We believe in running our business with a human touch and we aspire to build WebBuddy into a brand that all our customers deeply trust. Read More.

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