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At WebBuddy, we specialize in web design and we have developed website layouts specific for your physiotherapy or chiropractic practice at highly affordable rates.

If you are looking for a reliable website design service for your physiotherapy or chiropractic business, scroll on to find out more!

Preview of Your Physiotherapist/Chiropractor Website Home Page

For a live demo of the website, please click on the following link:


*Note: We are using dummy content in the live site for demo purposes and the actual content for your website can be customized to your needs!

What’s Included In Your New Physiotherapist/Chiropractor Website?



Fully Responsive 5-Page Website

Your website comes with the following core pages of a professional website – Home, Services, About, Contact and Blog – that are optimized for viewing on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Drag & Drop Feature

Edit your website easily anytime using the built-in drag and drop editor. Click here to watch a video of how easy it is to edit your website!

SSL Certified

Visitors will see your website as secured with HTTPS which helps to portray a professional image for your business.

Fast Website Loading

Your website is loaded via CDN (Content Delivery Network) and all website images are automatically optimized to ensure fast loading speed.

Extensive Library of Free Professional Images For Use

Get access to millions of professional images that are free to use for your website without any copyright issues (sponsored by, unsplash and more).

Contact Form and Location Map

Allow your customers to locate you and get in touch with you easily!

One Click Call/Email

Enable your customers to call/email you with just one click from their mobile device!

Social Media Integration

Your website will be integrated with your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more!


A space that allows you to share useful articles or keep your customers updated on your latest news and announcements.

Your Investment


Web Development Fee: S$800

This is a one-time fee payable to WebBuddy (in SGD) for the development of your new website.

Domain Name: S$20/year

You can choose to use one of your existing domain names or register for a new one at for about S$20/year.

Monthly Hosting Fee: US$25/month

As we are using our proprietary software for your website, it will be hosted on our AWS (Amazon Web Services) server and you will not be required to have separate hosting. The monthly hosting fee of US$25 (which will be payable to WebBuddy in USD) includes unlimited hard disk space, unlimited bandwidth (which means your website will be able to support unlimited visitors unlike traditional shared hosting), web security (including daily security scans, checks and virus fixes) as well as SSL certificate (which makes your website HTTPS secure).

Terms of Service

Please ensure that you accept and agree with the following terms before engaging our service to create your new website:

1. Your new website must be hosted on WebBuddy’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) server and it cannot be hosted on any other platform. Should you decide to terminate our hosting in future, please understand that your website will also be deleted.

2. There will be no face-to-face meetup for this web design project. All communication will be done via email (please be assured that we will see to all emails promptly).

3. After you have made a 50% upfront deposit to us, we will send you a word document for you to provide us with the content that you wish to put up on your website. We will commence the website creation process once we receive the completed word document from you. When the website is completed, we will inform you and you will be required to make the balance payment before we live the website.

4. We will only kick-start the website creation process after receiving the fully completed word document from you. It will take us less than 30 days to complete your website once you have sent us all the content.

5. The layout of your website will be the same as the demo site as shown here. You can request for slight changes or rearrangement of sections in the website. However additional features requested will be quoted separately.

6. Upon completion of your website, you will receive a series of step-by-step videos that you can watch to learn how to update the website by yourself. Alternatively, you can also engage our help to update your website for you for an adhoc fee of S$50 per page, which will take 48 hours to complete.

If you have questions or are keen to work with us for your new website, please drop us a message and we will be in touch with you!


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