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The Trainer

KC has been developing websites for businesses since 2008 and throughout these years, he has also given numerous trainings for companies, associations, and individuals on the topics of website creation, marketing, and conversions.

In 2014, KC converted most of his training to online courses and have them hosted on Udemy and has since attracted more than 110,000 learners from all over the world to attend his online classes.

One of KC’s first classes back in 2009 on the topic of website development

KC Tan WordPress Workshop 2009
KC Tan WordPress Workshop 2009
KC Tan WordPress Workshop 2009

Empowering Your Members

In recent years, a lot of businesses have leveraged the government grants to create their websites but ended up with little or no help from the web agency after the project had been completed. Some companies also find the agency’s maintenance fees are too high and need a way to learn how to manage the website on their own – and this is the reason why now KC started to teach business owners how to manage their WordPress website!

Areas That KC Can Train Your Team

The following are some key topics on how KC can empower your team:

Core Area: WordPress

How to speed up your WordPress website

How to keep your WordPress website secure

How to update your WordPress and plugins safely

How to manage your eCommerce website

And more!

Core Area: Website Marketing & Conversions

Turning your website from a liability into an asset!

SEO Basics for Beginners (with reference to Google SEO Guidelines)

Using Google Analytics to improve your website conversions

Using Google Ads to bring in quality leads!

And more!

Who Should Attend KC’s Training?

KC’s training is suitable if you:

Own a WordPress website but do not know how to update it

Want to save website maintenance costs and equip your team with the knowledge and skills to manage your own WordPress website

Want to learn how to create a new WordPress website for your company

Find the turnover time (by your existing vendor) to update your website content is too slow

Want to learn how to speed up or secure your WordPress website!

Why KC?

KC Tan Introvert Network Asia Training

#1 Experienced In Both Online And Offline Training!

KC is one of the few trainers in Singapore who have rich experience in both online and offline (classroom) training.

Many have enjoyed attending KC’s training both online and offline. The following are what the learners said:

#2 Certified Training Professional

Not only KC has practical experience in training but he is also WSQ ACLP (WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance) certified.

This means he understands and delivers learners-oriented sessions so that the learning outcome is achieved!

KC Tan Introvert Network Asia Training
KC Tan Introvert Network Asia Training

#3 One Year Post-Training Support!

Trainees will be well-supported up to a period of 12 months after the training! This will ensure the trainees have enough time to implement and check back with KC on the challenges they encounter.

Most clients have become friends with KC and have often sought out his advice from time to time!

Let's Work Together!

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