Installation Guide

Setting Up Your Automatic Email Testing for WP – PRO Plugin

Thank you for purchasing the PRO version of Automatic Email Testing for WP! Please follow the steps below to set up the plugin on your website:

Step 1: Deactivate and Uninstall the Free Version

If you have the free version of Automatic Email Testing for WP plugin currently installed on your website, please deactivate and uninstall it by going to Plugins1, and click Deactivate2 as shown below.

Deactivate Automatic Email Testing for WP free plugin
After the plugin has been deactivated, click on Delete3 as shown below.
Delete Automatic Email Testing for WP free plugin

Step 2: Install and Activate the PRO Version

Once the free version is removed, you are ready to upload the PRO version that you have purchased:

Go to Plugins >> Add New1.

Click the Upload Plugin2 button.

Then click the Choose File3 button and select the PRO plugin ZIP file to upload it.

Upload Automatic Email Testing for WP PRO plugin

After the ZIP file has finished uploading, click the Install Now button as shown below.

Install Automatic Email Testing for WP PRO plugin
Once the installation is completed, make sure to activate the plugin by clicking the Activate Plugin button as shown below.
Activate Automatic Email Testing for WP PRO plugin

Step 3: Configure Your Plugin Settings
(Your Email & Brevo API)

Now that you have successfully installed and activated your PRO plugin, let’s do some quick configuration!

Go to Plugins / Installed Plugins, and click on Settings as shown below.

Automatic Email Testing for WP PRO plugin settings
On the plugin settings page, enter your details into the following required fields:

Once you have entered the above information, click the Test and Automate3 button and you’re all good to go! 🙂

Automatic Email Testing for WP PRO plugin settings page

How To Generate Your Free Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) API Key
(For users who do not have a Brevo account)

This section will guide you to generate a free Brevo API key for your use.

Before that, please note that your Brevo free account will expire if you do not log in for 3 months. Thus, please remember to login to your Brevo account once every 3 months to keep your account active.

To sign up for a free account, head to Brevo’s website,

Click the Sign Up Free button on the top right corner of the page and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your account registration.

Brevo signup

Next, log in to your Brevo account.

Once you’re logged in, click on your account name1 (located at the top right corner of the page) and select SMTP & API2 from the dropdown menu as shown below.

Next, select the API Keys1 tab and click on the Generate a new API key2 button.
Create new Brevo API key
In the pop-up window, enter a name for your new API key (you can name it ‘First Key’). Then click the Generate button.
Generate new Brevo API key
Once the API key is generated as shown in the screenshot below, copy it to your clipboard.

Then, head back to your WordPress dashboard and paste it into the Brevo API Key field in the PRO plugin settings page.

Brevo API key

That’s it! This concludes the guide on how to set up this simple but effective plugin!

Bonus: Why We Choose Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

The following are the three main reasons why we choose to integrate with Brevo :

1. You can send up to 9,000 emails every month using their free plan.
2. You do not need to have a credit card to sign up for a Brevo account.
3. Brevo does not require you to verify your domain in order to use your account.

The only downside is that you’ll need to login to your Brevo account once every 3 months in order to to keep your account active.

If you did not login during the 90-day period, Brevo will send you a reminder 7 days before they delete your account (so it’s best to use an email that you check regularly).

The following table is a simple comparison of the major email service providers for your reference:

No. of Free Emails Need Credit Card? Domain Verification
(formerly Sendinblue)
9,000/month No Optional
MailGun 5,000/month Yes No
SendGrid 3,000/month No Yes
SendLayer 500 Yes No
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