Why We Don’t Do One-Time WordPress & Plugin Updates

From time to time, we will receive inquiries from businesses asking if we do one-time WordPress and plugin updates. The answer is – we don’t. Why? Please allow us to share our reasons in this post and in the process, we also hope that this will help to shed some light on the importance of ongoing website maintenance…

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5 Things You Need To Check Regularly For Your Website!

If you have a website for your business, it is your responsibility to make sure that your website is functional at ALL times. Unfortunately most business owners do not have the habit of checking their websites regularly. Or worse, some don’t even realize their website is down until they have been informed by their clients…

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Need Help With The Maintenance Of Your WordPress Website?

WebBuddy's got you covered with our all-inclusive web maintenance plans. No hidden fees, we promise.

"Excellent response & quick actions to my website changes. I have no regrets choosing WebBuddy as my website maintenance partner."

Tan Ru-Jin

Director, FlexMech Engineering Pte Ltd

About WebBuddy

WebBuddy is all about supporting small business owners to remove the ongoing frustrations that you face in website maintenance matters.

We put our hearts into taking care of your company websites so that you can make time for the more important things!

We believe in running our business with a human touch and we aspire to build WebBuddy into a brand that all our customers deeply trust 🙂

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