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Fast Turnaround

We serve you 7 days a week and respond to all update requests within 48 hours. You can trust us to help you get things done promptly because we know your time is money~

Consistent Support

Effective website maintenance is not a short term but a long term goal for your business. Count on us for the consistent support that you need for your website month after month.

Service With A Human Touch

Our buddy team strives to provide you with a pleasant and enjoyable experience at every touch point. We always value your feedback to help us improve and serve you better!

WebBuddy is your simple and reliable solution when it comes to your website maintenance needs. We look forward to be of service to you!

About WebBuddy

WebBuddy is founded by husband and wife team, KC and Rachael, to help business owners to remove the ongoing frustrations that you face in website maintenance matters.

We are here to take proactive care of your company websites – from your site updates to security to backups – so that you can save time for the more important things.

Our team is located in Singapore and you can have the assurance that your company website receives dedicated attention from a real human to keep it running smoothly every single day.

With WebBuddy, you can look forward to greater productivity and total peace of mind!

Meet Our Founders

KC Tan

“I strongly believe that business owners ought to be investing time on key business activities such as marketing and customer service, rather than on maintaining your websites. That is why we are here to help you to keep your websites safe and running smoothly so you can focus on the core revenue-generating activities for your business!”

Rachael Lee

“Our customers are at the heart of what we do at WebBuddy. We believe in building long term relationships with your business and caring for your company websites like our own. We value the trust you put in us, and even more so, the rewarding friendships that are forged on this journey of supporting your business towards greater heights.”

The idea of a website care centre was born with the needs of small business owners in mind. Inspired by the idea of a childcare centre, we sought to provide business owners like yourself with a reliable source of help for your daily website needs so you can free up time for the more important things in your business!

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About WebBuddy

WebBuddy is all about supporting small business owners to remove the ongoing frustrations that you face in website maintenance matters.

We put our hearts into taking care of your company websites so that you can make time for the more important things!

We believe in running our business with a human touch and we aspire to build WebBuddy into a brand that all our customers deeply trust 🙂

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