Let us help you to keep your company website safe and up to date

We provide website maintenance services to care for your website every day so you can focus on your business with peace of mind – no more hassles on your part.
Our Wallet-Friendly Plans

Do you face these challenges for your website maintenance day after day?

No Time To Maintain The Website

Busy running your business and have no time to upkeep your website?

Lack of In-House Expertise

Is your website in need of critical updates but no one on your team has the relevant skills to fix it?

Hiring A Web Developer Is Too Expensive

Looking for a cost-effective solution so you don’t have to pay a web developer for every single update?

Web Maintenance Is Not Your Thing

Don’t enjoy maintaining the website yourself? Think your time should be better spent on other aspects of your business?

Put an end to your frustrations by leveraging WebBuddy’s web maintenance services for your business today.

Your Friendly Website Maintenance Centre in Singapore – WebBuddy

Every small business needs a web buddy. Because your business deserves to have a smooth running website day in and out without YOU having to take time out to maintain your website on your own. Let WebBuddy help you in what we do best – taking great care of your website like it’s our very own – so you can finally have more time and focus to run your business 🙂
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“With WebBuddy’s support system, we are totally at ease when it comes to helping us to maintain our website security and always ensuring that our website is constantly live and accessible. While they monitor the traffic to our website, they also email us frequently, recommending the most appropriate solutions to enhance our customers coming in and staying longer! Our sincere thanks to KC and Rachael for making our website so effective. Simply amazing! Anyone who has problems in developing or maintaining your website, please don’t hesitate to contact KC Tan of WebBuddy. Strongly recommended and highly reliable!”

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Master Rayden Sim
Founder of TianLu Geomancy Pte Ltd
Why WebBuddy?

Because we care about your website and your business.

WebBuddy has been providing the maintenance services for us from day one since we launched our website. Their team is highly responsive to customer requests and requirements and also very flexible. They provide a very good value service in keeping our online presence up and running.

Rana Bhattacharjee

Co-founder, Pecking Tales International Pte Ltd

Let WebBuddy help you with your website maintenance so you can do what a business owner does best – taking care of your business 🙂

Make Your Website Your Asset

Your website represents your company on the Internet. Engaging our professional help to keep your website running smoothly every day is one of the most worthy investments you will make!

Save Time = More Smiles

No more frustrating delays and waiting for your web developer to respond to your emails. At WebBuddy, we serve you 7 days a week and get your website updated within 48 hours.

Your Website Needs Protection

Let WebBuddy take proactive actions to safeguard your company website against cyber attacks. That way, you won’t have to deal with website downtime problems that cost your business money.

Leave The Nitty Gritty To Us

With WebBuddy to help you keep an eye on your website, you can finally take your mind off and focus wholeheartedly on running your business. No more frustrations over website issues again.

Get started with our website maintenance services in 3 simple steps

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Choose a website maintenance package based on your needs.

2. Register Online

Make e-payment and fill up our online form.

3. Check Your Email

WebBuddy will follow up with you to finalise the handover details.

About WebBuddy

WebBuddy is all about supporting small business owners to remove the ongoing frustrations that you face in website maintenance matters. We put our hearts into taking care of your company websites so that you can make time for the more important things. We believe in running our business with a human touch and we aspire to build WebBuddy into a brand that all our customers deeply trust. Read More.

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